Content Strategy as Practical Knowledge by Heinz WittenbrinkHeinz Wittenbrink
Wittenbrink, H., & Pauschenwein, J. (2019). Content Strategy as Practical Knowledge. Technical Communication, 66(2), 178–185.

The essay „Content Strategy as Practical Knowledge“ that @jupidu and I published in 2019 is now also accessible here.

I ask myself every day how much we contribute to this situation with and digital marketing. /c @ContentGraz

All the best, @irenemichl and @ContentGraz, you are a perfect match! Let’s rock the scene…

Just read it. Excellent summary of where we are/should be in the content industry:

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Why Content Is Such A Fundamental Part Of The Web Design Process — Smashing Magazine (Smashing Magazine)
As designers, we are often burdened by the responsibility of producing and managing website content. It’s not our job to write it, but it’s not the client’s either. We can avert disaster by including content production in the design process.

Wie wichtig ist Inhalt im Entwicklungsprozess einer Website, und wie überzeugt man die Auftraggeber*innen davon? Sehr zugängliche Einführung in zentrale Aspekte der Contentstrategie. Danke @matt5409!

Just for the record: Years ago @brigitte_alice faced and fought the content monster for the first time in our university: Fighting the Content Monster: Content Strategy for HigherEd by Brigitte Alice Radl. Later we learned that content monsters are pandemic, too, and that there are numerous immune escapes.