Most of them, and at least 99% of the marketers, don’t even understand the term “web”.
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Happy and a bit proud to be on this list. I hope that more people will join us. Digital communications must sever ties with toxic growth

And as we move from selling on the Web to telling on the Web, we do not need yet another digital tool. We need a different way of perceiving connected cyber spaces and enacting content /by

Quoted The Dialogue is the content | Teodora Petkova (Teodora Petkova)

A tale about a salesman under the spell of transactional marketing entering the Web of people. The Web that we now live by.

Danke für den Start dieser Reihe! Wenn ich es richtig sehe, wird das eine hervorragende Einführung in State-of-the-Art Web-Entwicklung. Empfehle sie den COS-Studenten und werde so viel für möglich für meine noch ganz rudimentäre erste Eleventy-Site (off_gallery graz) stehlen.
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Very interesting. Have a look at Ton Zijlstra‘s ideas about organizing content by social distance, e.g. My Ideal RSS Reader!

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