Kristina Halvorson beschreibt in Content Strategy: Connecting the Dots Between Disciplines sehr klar, dass Content-Strategie eine interdisziplinäre Angelegenheit ist. Man kann den Artikel, der im Titel das Buch von Rahel Bailie und Noz Urbina zitiert, kaum weiter zusammenfassen. Am wichtigsten finde ich diese Passage:

Second—and here’s the power of the thing—content strategy creates a set of integrated choices between four separate-but-related areas of activity. These are not sub-disciplines of content strategy by any means; rather, they are business and/or design functions that all have an impact on your content product. Content strategy works to connect the dots between them.

  • User experience design: Who are your end users? What are their content needs and preferences? How can you make content useful and usable to them, wherever and however they need it?
  • Editorial strategy: What is your content’s point of view? What are the topics you need to address? Where and when will you deliver the content?
  • Content engineering: How does your content need to be structured in order for users to find it? What models need to be in place for the CMS to deliver the content, wherever and however users and the business need it?
  • Content workflow and governance: How does content move throughout your organization? What are the policies, standards, and guidelines that monitor its quality and performance?

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