#7 Interview Dr. Joeri Rogelj: IPCC Lead Author, climate advisor of the UN Secretary General and one of the leading climate scientists in the world (Climaware)
Dr. Joeri Rogelj is a lecturer at the Imperial College London, currently IPCC Lead Author and an expert regarding the concept of ‘carbon budgets’ — a straightforward concept to make the complexity of climate change easily understandable for everybody. In this interview, you will learn about the latest news in climate science, effects of the Corona pandemic, reasons for grave concerns as well as for hope, and you will gain valuable insights into the necessary steps to solve the climate crisis. In the end, Joeri shares an inspirational sentence and the ‘single most effective thing everybody could do to combat climate change’. Hence, it will be worth listening through...

Eben gehört (bereite mich auf einen XR-Podcast vor): den @ClimawareGlobal-Podcast mit @JoeriRogelj. Sehr gutes Beispiel für Klimakommunikation.

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